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    DevClub.lv ir Latvijas IT speciālistu komūna, kas ik mēnesi sanāk kopā, lai apspriestu izstrādātājiem aktuālus tematus. Nākamā kopā sanākšana paredzēta 16. jūlijā plkst. 18:30 Microsoft Latvia telpās (Zaļā iela 1). Dalība ir bezmaksas, taču vietu skaits ierobežots, tāpēc reģistrējies laicīgi.

    Šoreiz pasākuma galvenā tēma ir kiberdrošība. Par to pastāstīs zinoši jomas profesionāļi:


    • Baiba Kaskina from CERT.LV will talk about “Responsible Disclosure Policy” – This talk will explain the main principles of responsible or coordinated response, who are the actors of this game, what colour are their hats and what could be the possible implementation. Known cases of responsible disclosure policy Latvia as well as international experience will be discussed and future steps considered.  (Language — Latvian). Baiba Kaskina is the head of CERT.LV – Latvian national and governmental CSIRT team.
    • Veronika Harcenoka from Data Security Solutions will talk about Cyber Security: Think Security First – The scale and integration of modern technologies into our daily lives has provided tremendous opportunities for everyone. The speed of development and innovation in the ICT sector and the amount of information produced and distributed online is like never before. The process is so fast that we often do not have time to consider the risks and their impact on our society, business, and personal life. So, let us take a moment to think about the security online.  (Language — English). Veronika Harcenoka , Business Development Manager, Data Security Solutions Solid experience in high tech ICT/ICT Security involves major projects in Latvia and the European Union. Previously worked in European Security Round Table and Microsoft Government Affairs office in Brussels.
    • Major Gatis Graudiņš from Cyber Defence Unit of the Latvian National Guard (Twitter @kibersargs) will talk about Cyber Defence Unit and daily life of unit. If you would be interested in what happening in Cyber Defence field of Latvian Republic, this presentation would be one to listen for. I will try to tell short presentation about our unit, what we do on daily basis, where we were already involved and other interesting things in connection to our activities. (Language — Latvian). Major Gatis Graudiņš is Commander of Cyber Defence Unit of the Latvian National Guard.
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