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    9. aprīļa LatCraft pasākums būs veltīts Amazon Web Services tēmām

    Jaunākie raksti

    Esi sailgojies pēc patiešām tehniska IT pasākuma? Ja atbilde ir apstiprinoša (citādāku no Kursors.lv lasītājiem es īsti nesagaidu), tad ir vērts kalendārā atzīmēt nākamo LatCraft programmatūras izstrādes kopienas pasākuma norises vietu un laiku. Pasākums notiks 9. aprīlī no plkst. 16:00 līdz 21:00, Spīķeros (Maskavas iela 4, ieeja caur Dali kafejnīcu).

    Šis pasākums pilnībā veltīts Amazon Web Services un tajā ar prezentācijām uzstāsies pieci runātāji no Luksmeburgas, Lielbritānijas, Čehijas un Latvijas. Zemāk vari iepazīties ar jau izziņotajām prezentācijām:


    LEAN IN THE CLOUD (Martin Elwin, Solution Architect at AWS) – Improve, validate, iterate. Current development practices promote avoiding waste – a challenging task, especially in a traditional infrastructure. With programmatic control over your environment Amazon Web Services lets you optimize the infrastructure as needed and treat it as another versionable aspect of your application. In this session we’ll look at how both start-ups and enterprises use AWS to increase their rate of innovation and continuously deliver new functionality to users in a cost efficient way.

    BUILDING SCALABLE CLUSTER WITH AWS, COREOS AND MESOS (Jakub Veverka, Sys. Engineer at 4Finance) – Do you believe it’s possible to quickly build a cluster that allows you to work with a datacenter like it’s a single pool of resources? In this practical session Jakub will show how to build scalable, fault-tolerant cluster from scratch with minimal effort and maximal gain.

    AWS: THE GOOD, THE BAD, THE UGLY, AND THE USE CASE (Juris Pavlyuchenkov, Sys. Admin at Ask.fm) – Everyone keeps telling about how AWeSome Amazon Web Services are. How they are all about elasticity, simplicity and scalability. But we all know that nothing is perfect in this world, except Chuck Norris. So what about the dark side? The talk will be about some nice tricks you can do with AWS, some things you can not do with AWS, and some things you can do, but with tears, pain and swearing.

    DOCKER AT SCALE (Johan Waernulf, Solution Architect at AWS) – Developers are always looking for ways of improving their efficiency. Over the last years container technology has become an increasingly popular way of managing application packaging and deployments, however handling many containers running on many machines has its own set of challenges. The recently announced Amazon EC2 Container Service aims to simplify the management of running containers in a cluster of EC2 instances. In this session the initial feature set of the service will be introduced we’ll go through a demo of common operations.

    BIG DATA OR BIG MARKETING (Ilkka Turunen, BigData Guy at Cloudreach) – We’ve all heard Big Data pouring out of the press over the last years and frankly, are probably all sick of it. The term is probably one of the most successful buzzwords of our industry to date. Why is that? This session will aim to shine a light on the enigma by introducing example use cases we’ve worked with our clients. We’ll walk through the AWS toolset for Data Management and introduce concrete architectures and the good, the bad, and the ugly sides of them. This isn’t your mother’s MySQL sharding…

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